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Trust Administration

Trust Administration

Trust: the foundation of any relationship

At Stride Bank, we understand the importance of “the long term” — in the growth of investments as well as in our relationships with our clients. We strive to be more than your financial advisor; we are a caring partner in your long-term financial planning and a provider of peace of mind.
In other words, we’re here for you today and tomorrow.
Our ability to serve as a trustworthy financial advisor and as a friend to help you meet your financial objectives is the key to our success.  Our clients also enjoy the added comfort of knowing that additional security is provided through regular bank examinations, external and internal trust audits, and the bonding of all bank officers. 
Let us help you with your personal trust, charitable trust or private foundation trust.

Our clients rely on us for


Every account is assigned to an officer, who will establish a relationship with you (the account owner or trust grantor), your attorney and your accountant to ensure that we understand your financial plans and help you implement it.  We also strive to build relationships with your beneficiaries so that any transitions are carried out smoothly and effectively.  In addition to an administrative officer, each account is assigned to an investment officer who will review your financial plan and design a personalized investment portfolio to best meet your financial goals.  Our clients know that there are always at least two professionals familiar with their account and available to answer questions. 
The advantage Stride Bank provides as a trust company is that we treat trust administration as a full-time job. We have the sophistication and experience in dealing with investments, and we take a personal interest in our customers.
For more information on our Administration Services, please contact one of our Account Administrators
*Investment products and annuities are not a deposit, not FDIC insured nor insured by any other government agency. They are not guaranteed by the bank and may go down in value. 


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